Linguistics and Philosophy

, Volume 25, Issue 3, pp 299–345

Unarticulated Constituents

  • François Recanati


In a recent paper (Linguistics and Philosophy23, 4, June 2000), Jason Stanley argues that there are no `unarticulated constituents', contrary to what advocates of Truth-conditional pragmatics (TCP) have claimed. All truth-conditional effects of context can be traced to logical form, he says. In this paper I maintain that there are unarticulated constituents, and I defend TCP. Stanley's argument exploits the fact that the alleged unarticulated constituents can be `bound', that is, they can be made to vary with the values introduced by operators in the sentence. I show that Stanley's argument rests on a fallacy, and I provide alternative analyses of the data.


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  • François Recanati
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  1. 1.Institut Jean-Nicod (CNRS)ParisFrance

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