Nuclear systematics Part III

  • O. Manuel
  • C. Bolon
  • M. Zhong


The Sun emits about 3.10431H per year in the solar wind (SW). Solar luminosity and the outflow of SW-protons come from the collapsed supernova core, a neutron star (NS), on which the Sun formed. The universal cradle of the nuclides indicates that the energy of each neutron in the Sun"s central NS exceeds that of a free neutron by »10–22 MeV. Solar luminosity and SW-protons are generated by a series of reactions: (a) escape of neutrons from the central NS, (b) decay of free neutrons or their capture by heavier nuclides, (c) fusion and upward migration of H+ through material that accreted on the NS, and (d) escape of H+ in the SW.


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