, Volume 130, Issue 1, pp 135–162

Structuralism, Model Theory and Reduction

  • Karl-Georg Niebergall


In this paper, the (possible) role of model theory forstructuralism and structuralist definitions of ``reduction'' arediscussed. Whereas it is somewhat undecisive with respect tothe first point – discussing some pro's and con's ofthe model theoretic approach when compared with a syntacticand a structuralist one – it emphasizes that severalstructuralist definitions of ``reducibility'' do not providegenerally acceptable explications of ``reducibility''. This claimrests on some mathematical results proved in this paper.


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  • Karl-Georg Niebergall
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  1. 1.Seminar für PhilosophieLogik und Wissenschaftstheorie Ludwig-Maximilians-UniversitätMünchenGermany

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