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Conundrums of Urban Planning in a Global Context: The Case of the Frankfurt Airport

  • Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor


The article reviews the complexity of urban policy formulation in Frankfurt, Germany, where officials are trying to enlarge the international airport to stay competitive in international air transportation and meet the challenges of global business operations. This case study analyzes an elaborate mediation process that helped the formal decision-makers avert the violence threatened by anti-globalization and environmentalist protesters. Although some legal challenges loom ahead, a majority of Frankfurt residents support the new airport expansion. The Frankfurt experience will help other communities minimize the confrontation between urban policy makers, corporate business elites, and citizen groups that are concerned with issues of public health and clean environment.

ethics globalization urban policy air transportation public administration health environment 


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  • Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Policy and Management, College of Health and Urban AffairsFlorida International UniversityNorth Miami

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