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Extraneural Metastases of Primary Brain Tumors

  • T. Schweitzer
  • G.H. Vince
  • C Herbold
  • K. Roosen
  • J.-C. Tonn


Extraneural metastasis (ENM) of primary brain tumors is a rare occurence. Based on a critical analysis of the literature the present review focuses on illustrating special common features of these tumors with regard to immunological, cytokinetical and tumorbiological issues. In this respect much can be learned from the specific conditions following organ transplantation which is extensively discussed.

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  • T. Schweitzer
    • 1
  • G.H. Vince
    • 1
  • C Herbold
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  • K. Roosen
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  • J.-C. Tonn
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  1. 1.Department of NeurosurgeryUniversity of WuerzburgWuerzburgGermany

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