Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry

, Volume 27, Issue 7, pp 505–510 | Cite as

Uncommon Behavior of Copper(I) Tetrafluoroborate and Perchlorate in [Cu(DAF)(H2O)]BF4and [Cu(DAF)(ClO4)] π-Complexes (DAF—Diallyl Formamide)

  • Ya. E. Filinchuk
  • V. N. Davydov
  • M. G. Mys'kiv


Crystals of [Cu(DAF)(H2O)]BF4(I) and [Cu(DAF)(ClO4)] (II) (DAF is diallyl formamide) were synthesized by an alternate-current electrochemical method, and their structures were determined (MoKαradiation, 1247 and 859 independent reflections with I≥ 2σ(I ), R= 0.043 and 0.032 for Iand II, respectively). The complexes crystallize in space group P21/n, Z= 4. For I, a= 10.782(3) Å, b= 12.096(5) Å, c= 9.185(3) Å, γ = 103.62(3)°, and V= 1164.2(7) Å3; for II, a= 10.064(3) Å, b= 10.753(6) Å, c= 10.002(3) Å, γ = 87.52(4)°, and V= 1081.4(8) Å3. The copper atom in structures Iand IIcoordinates both C=C bonds in one DAF molecule and oxygen atom of the amide group of another DAF molecule, as well as an oxygen atom of H2O (in I) or ClO4(in II) in the axial position. The uncommon behavior of the anions in structures Iand IIis explained by their different values of Pierson hardness.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Ya. E. Filinchuk
    • 1
  • V. N. Davydov
    • 1
  • M. G. Mys'kiv
    • 1
  1. 1.Franko State UniversityLvivUkraine

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