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Degradation of cytokinins by cytokinin oxidases in plants

  • P. Galuszka
  • I. Frébort
  • M. Šebela
  • P. Peč


The degradation metabolism of cytokinins is an important process that controls the levels of cytokinin active forms and their distribution in plant tissues. It appears to be due, in large part, to the activity of a specific enzyme, cytokinin oxidase. This review attempts to collate the limited information available about this enzyme and introduce new facts, obtained in our laboratory, concerning the mechanism of degradation of cytokinins bearing unsaturated isoprene side chains. However, complete clarification of the effects of cytokinin oxidase on cytokinin regulation and its molecular and biochemical properties will be dependent upon the purification of the protein with cytokinin oxidase activity to homogeneity and progress in the development of requisite molecular probes.

Cytokinin oxidase Cytokinins Degradation Dehydrogenation Function 


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  • I. Frébort
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  • M. Šebela
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