Algebras and Representation Theory

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Primitive and Poisson Spectra of Twists of Polynomial Rings

  • Michaela Vancliff


A family of flat deformations of a commutative polynomial ring S on n generators is considered, where each deformation B is a twist of S by a semisimple, linear automorphism σ of ℙn−1, such that a Poisson bracket is induced on S. We show that if the symplectic leaves associated with this Poisson structure are algebraic, then they are the orbits of an algebraic group G determined by the Poisson bracket. In this case, we prove that if σ is 'generic enough', then there is a natural one-to-one correspondence between the primitive ideals of B and the symplectic leaves if and only if σ has a representative in GL(ℂ n ) which belongs to G. As an example, the results are applied to the coordinate ring \(\mathcal{O}_q (M_2 )\) of quantum 2 × 2 matrices which is not a twist of a polynomial ring, although it is a flat deformation of one; if q is not a root of unity, then there is a bijection between the primitive ideals of \(\mathcal{O}_q (M_2 )\) and the symplectic leaves.

twisted homogeneous coordinate ring symplectic leaf Poisson manifold primitive ideal quantum matrices 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Michaela Vancliff
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of Texas at ArlingtonArlingtonU.S.A.

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