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3G Products — What will the Technology Enable?

  • J A Harmer
  • C D Friel


Following the phenomenal success of second generation global system for mobile communications (GSM) systems, the world has turned its attention to third generation mobile systems (3G). New radio spectrum has been allocated for these networks and over the last 12 months there has been global activity to license this spectrum. Licences have been awarded in a number of ways including 'beauty contests' and (often costly) auctions. Technologists have joined forces to specify the standards for 3G. This paper describes the drivers for 3G and the commercial model that is emerging. The benefits that 3G technology will provide for business and consumer products are identified. A component-based approach to application and product development is described, based on the important value add features of mobile systems. Finally, mobile terminals, billing and payment, and customer care are also considered as they are vital to the overall customer experience.


Product Development Mobile Communication Multimedia Information Human Computer Interaction Consumer Product 
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  • J A Harmer
  • C D Friel

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