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The grasshoppers of Costa Rica: a survey of the parameters influencing their conservation and survival

  • C.H.F. Rowell


Seventy-five per cent of the acridomorph fauna of Costa Rica is confined to the wet forest environment. This habitat also has a disproportionately large proportion of species which are of restricted distribution within the country or are endemic to Costa Rica or are flightless. The grasshoppers of dry forest, grassland and swamp habitats have in general the reverse properties: they include relatively few species and most of these are capable of flight and are widely distributed both within and outside of Costa Rica. The major factor influencing the long-term survival (or, conversely, the extinction) of the major part of the grasshopper fauna of Costa Rica is likely to be the preservation (or destruction) of the wet forest habitat.

Orthoptera Neotropics: biodiversity, conservation wet forest habitats. 


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  • C.H.F. Rowell
    • 1
  1. 1.Zoologisches InstitutUniversität BaselBaselSwitzerland

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