Multimedia Tools and Applications

, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 239–262 | Cite as

Developing Multimedia Applications: System Modeling and Implementation

  • José M. Martínez
  • Jesús Bescós
  • Guillermo Cisneros


This paper presents a model to develop novel user applications (or services) dealing with Multimedia Information retrieval through Telecom Networks, using a core application subsystem. Once the core system is available at the Information Provider sites, different applications can be easily developed on top of the services provided by the system. A building blocks architecture is proposed to provide access to storage systems, independently of their internal per site structure. The work carried out under the RAMA Project is also described.

application development model application subsystem common functional core engine managers agents functional services abstract services applications information retrieval teleresearch in museums 


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  • José M. Martínez
  • Jesús Bescós
  • Guillermo Cisneros

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