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Late-glacial and early-Holocene Coleoptera assemblages as indicators of local environment and climate at Kråkenes Lake, western Norway

  • Geoffrey Lemdahl


Thirty-six Coleoptera (beetle) taxa and other insects were identified from the late-glacial and early-Holocene sediments at Kråkenes Lake. Compared with other Scandinavian late-glacial sites, this is a rather sparse record. The water beetles found in the Allerod are characteristic of a poorly vegetated clear-water lake. The terrestrial fauna is indicative of dwarf-shrub and moss vegetation. A marked decline in the number of species at the start of the Younger Dryas was rather rapid, probably over less than 80 calendar yrs. No obligate tundra species replaced the Allerod fauna. Most of the Younger Dryas is virtually devoid of beetles. The increase in numbers and diversity of both aquatic and terrestrial species at the Younger Dryas/Holocene transition is very rapid. After an initial pioneer stage, beetles associated with dwarf-shrub heath and willow scrub appeared, but no obligate tree or forest taxa were recorded.

Mutual Climatic Range (MCR) temperature reconstructions suggest that the Allerod was colder and more continental than present. The near absence of beetles in the Younger Dryas probably reflects very cold conditions. A rapid temperature rise at the start of the Holocene resulted in a warmer and more continental climate than present.

Coleoptera assemblages faunal change environment/climate reconstructions late-glacial early-Holocene Kråkenes western Norway 


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