, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 149–153

Ragweed (Ambrosia) sensitisation rates correlate withthe amount of inhaled airborne pollen. A 14-year studyin Vienna, Austria

  • Siegfried Jäger


Ragweed pollen have been monitored since 1976 inVienna. Since 1984, the outdoor patients of theallergy department of the ear-nose-and-throatUniversity Clinic underwent both Skin Prick Test andRAST/CAP test with a standard series of commoninhalant allergens, ragweed (Ambrosia elatiorL.) included. Both the ragweed counts and the number of positiveRAST results showed a significant increase by time.Furthermore, a clear correlation between the number ofairborne pollen and the percentage of positiveRAST/CAP results is evident.The immune-response in the Viennese population ofatopic subjects is dependent on the amount of inhaledpollen.

aerobiology pollen allergy ragweed RAST Austria 


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