Surveys in Geophysics

, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 289–338 | Cite as

Long Nonlinear Surface and Internal Gravity Waves in a Rotating Ocean

  • R.H.J. Grimshaw
  • L.A. Ostrovsky
  • V.I. Shrira
  • Yu. A. Stepanyants


Nonlinear dynamics of surface and internal waves in a stratified ocean under the influence of the Earth's rotation is discussed. Attention is focussed upon guided waves long compared to the ocean depth. The effect of rotation on linear processes is reviewed in detail as well as the existing nonlinear models describing weakly and strongly nonlinear dynamics of long waves. The influence of rotation on small-scale waves and two-dimensional effects are also briefly considered. Some estimates of the influence of the Earth's rotation on the parameters of real oceanic waves are presented and related to observational and numerical data.


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  • R.H.J. Grimshaw
  • L.A. Ostrovsky
  • V.I. Shrira
  • Yu. A. Stepanyants

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