Systematic Parasitology

, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp 1–8

Taxonomic status of Pelichnibothrium speciosum Monticelli, 1889 (Cestoda: Tetraphyllidea), a mysterious parasite of Alepisaurus ferox Lowe (Teleostei: Alepisauridae) and Prionace glauca (L.) (Euselachii: Carcharinidae)

  • Tomáš Scholz

DOI: 10.1023/A:1006091102174

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Scholz, T. Syst Parasitol (1998) 41: 1. doi:10.1023/A:1006091102174


Comparison of freshly collected tetraphyllidean cestodes from a teleost fish, Alepisaurus ferox Lowe, from Japan with types and vouchers of Pelichnibothrium speciosum Monticelli, 1889, described from the same host, and specimens of Prionacestus bipartitus Mete & Euzet, 1996, from the spiral valve of a shark, Prionace glauca (Linnaeus), from the Indian Ocean between Réunion and Madagascar, revealed their conspecificity. Consequently, P. bipartitus is considered a junior synonym of P. speciosum and the genus Prionacestus Mete & Euzet, 1996 is suppressed. The life-cycle of the parasite, which retains larval features and is considered to represent a neotenic form, is discussed.

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  • Tomáš Scholz

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