Studies in Philosophy and Education

, Volume 16, Issue 1–2, pp 159–173

Scheffler Revisited on the Role of History and Philosophy of Science in Science Teacher Education

  • R. Michael Matthews


Twenty-five years ago Israel Scheffler argued for the inclusion of philosophy of science in the preparation of science teachers. It was part of his wider argument for the inclusion of courses in the philosophy of the discipline in programmes that are preparing people to teach that discipline. For the most part Scheffler's suggestion, at least as far as science education is concerned, went unheeded. Pleasingly, in recent times there has been some rapprochement between these fields. This paper will restate parts of Scheffler's argument, it will develop some additional considerations pertaining to it, and it will set the discussion in the context of contemporary debate about science, science education and teacher training. With changed time and circumstances, Scheffler' arguments might find more adherents than when they were initially proposed. My revision of Scheffler's argument has two planks: first pedagogical, second professional.


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  • R. Michael Matthews
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  1. 1.School of Education StudiesUniversity of New South WalesSydneyAustralia

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