Journal of Statistical Physics

, Volume 96, Issue 5–6, pp 1163–1330 | Cite as

Coulomb Systems at Low Density: A Review

  • David C. Brydges
  • Ph. A. Martin


Results on the correlations of low-density classical and quantum Coulomb systems at equilibrium in three dimensions are reviewed. The exponential decay of particle correlations in the classical Coulomb system, Debye–Hückel screening, is compared and contrasted with the quantum case, where strong arguments are presented for the absence of exponential screening. Results and techniques for detailed calculations that determine the asymptotic decay of correlations for quantum systems are discussed. Theorems on the existence of molecules in the Saha regime are reviewed. Finally, new combinatoric formulas for the coefficients of Mayer expansions are presented and their role in proofs of results on Debye–Hückel screening is discussed.

Coulomb plasma Saha screening Debye–Hückel virial equation of state 


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