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Diagnosis and prediction of boron deficiency for plant production

  • Richard W. Bell


Boron deficiency has been diagnosed or predicted in a variety of plants using a combination of approaches including plant response to B fertiliser, plant symptoms, and soil and plant analysis. Local knowledge of soils, crops, and factors known to accentuate B deficiency provide important background for its diagnosis and prognosis. However, accurate diagnosis and prognosis of B deficiency depends on calibrated standards for plant and soil testing. For diagnosis of B deficiency the plant part sampled needs to reflect current B supply, and will therefore usually be an actively expanding plant part such as a young leaf. Soil and plant analysis are probably more useful when used to predict the likelihood of B deficiency. Increased reliability of prediction can be achieved when soil and plant analysis values are calibrated for particular soil type and crop species combinations. In addition to calibrating soil and plant analysis against yield responses, standards established for pollen viability and vigour, seed viability, seed or fruit quality, root, stem or tuber quality or lignification of wood could be used more often for B.


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