, Volume 116, Issue 2, pp 151–159

Identifying lettuce species (Lactuca subsect. Lactuca, Asteraceae): A practical application of flow cytometry

  • Wim J.M. Koopman

DOI: 10.1023/A:1004086503349

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Koopman, W.J. Euphytica (2000) 116: 151. doi:10.1023/A:1004086503349


The wild lettuce species L. serriola, L. saligna, and L. virosa are important genitors in lettuce (L. sativa) breeding. Identifying these wild species can be problematic because in some cases they look very similar. Flow cytometry was tested for its reliability and general applicability as a tool to distinguish them. Three series of tests were conducted: (1) Tests with three accessions of L. sativa and one accession of each of the wild species, repeated three times throughout the year. In each repeat, the mean relative DNA amount of L. serriola was significantly higher than that of L. saligna, but significantly lower than that of L. virosa. The mean relative DNA amount of L. sativa did not differ from that of L. serriola.(2) Tests with each wild species represented by 10 accessions. Significant differences between the accessions within each species demonstrated the presence of intraspecific variation. Notwithstanding this intraspecific variation, the relative DNA amounts of all accessions of L. serriola were significantly higher than that of all L. saligna accessions, and significantly lower than that of all L. virosa accessions. Therefore, all accessions could be assigned to the appropriate species on the basis of their DNA amounts. (3) Tests with single plants from 10 accessions of each of the wild species. These test revealed that individual plants of L. serriola, L. saligna, and L. virosa can be reliably identified with flow cytometry, when aL. serriola sample of established identity is used as internal reference.

Asteraceae DNA content flowcytometry genitors Lactuca lettuce breeding 

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  • Wim J.M. Koopman
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  1. 1.Plant TaxonomyWageningen UniversityWageningenThe Netherlands

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