Journal of Applied Electrochemistry

, Volume 29, Issue 6, pp 673–678 | Cite as

Effect of carbon-supported and unsupported Pt–Ru anodes on the performance of solid-polymer-electrolyte direct methanol fuel cells

  • A.S. Aricò
  • A.K. Shukla
  • K.M. El-Khatib
  • P. Cretì
  • V. Antonucci


The structure, chemistry and morphology of commercially available carbon-supported and unsupported Pt–Ru catalysts are investigated by X-ray diffraction, energy-dispersive analysis by X-rays and electron microscopy. The catalytic activities of these materials towards electrooxidation of methanol in solid-polymer-electrolyte direct methanol fuel cells have been investigated at 90∘C and 130∘C with varying amounts of Nafion ionomer in the catalytic layer. The unsupported Pt–Ru catalyst exhibits higher performance with lower activation-control and mass-polarization losses in relation to the carbon-supported catalyst.

direct methanol fuel cell, Pt– Ru catalyst solid-polymer-electrolyte (SPE) 


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© Kluwer Academic Publishers 1999

Authors and Affiliations

  • A.S. Aricò
    • 1
  • A.K. Shukla
    • 2
  • K.M. El-Khatib
    • 1
    • 3
  • P. Cretì
    • 1
  • V. Antonucci
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute CNR-TAES. Lucia, MessinaItaly
  2. 2.Solid State and Structural Chemistry UnitIndian Institute of ScienceBangaloreIndia
  3. 3.Chemical Engineering and Pilot-Plant DepartmentNational Research CenterDokki, GizaEgypt

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