Ovicidal Effects of Four Synthetic Juvenile Hormone Analogues on the Confused Flour Beetle, Tribolium Confusum

  • J. N. Mkhize
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Four synthetic juvenile hormone analogues (JHAs) with high morphogenetic activity on a variety of insects prevented embryonic development of Tribolium confusum to varying degrees when applied to freshly laid eggs. At 1 ppm (v/v) of the JHAs a few eggs hatched; however, some of the larvae died within a day of hatching. Older eggs were totally insensitive to JHA treatment even at higher concentrations. Larvae that hatched from these eggs appeared to be perfectly normal and continued to develop into apparently normal larvae.

Key Words

Juvenile hormone analogues morphogenetic embryonic development Tribolium confusum 


Quatre jeune hormone synthétique analogues (JHAs) avec la grande activite morphogenetique sur une varietes d’insectes ont empêchent le development embryonique du Tribolium confusum au degre qui varie quand ont applique aux oeufs frais. Au 1 ppm (v/v) des JHAs un peu des oeus ont eclos cependant quelques larve sont mortes en moins d’un jour d’eclosent. Les vieux oeufs n’ont pas sensible au traitement du JHA sans attention de la hauter concentrations. La larve qui est eclos des cette oeufs ont apparu etre normales et ont continues se developper la larva normale.

Mots Clés

La jeune hormone analogues morphogenetique embryonique se developper Tribolium confusum 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • J. N. Mkhize
    • 1
  1. 1.University of TranskeiUmtata, TranskeiSouth Africa

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