The status of cereal stem-borer and legume pod-borer research in Zimbabwe

  • S. S. Mlambo


This paper highlights the current status of knowledge of the ecology and control of the maize stalk-borer, Busseoia fusca (Fuller). Migration has been shown to be an important parameter in the proliferation of the pest. Control measures advocated to the farmers consists of a combination of stover disposal and the application of chemicals. Synthetic pheromones have a place in the integrated pest management of B. fusca in Zimbabwe. Since most of this information is based on work carried out in the commercial sector, future investigations will aim at defining the extent of B. fusca infestations and magnitude of losses in yields incurred in the communal areas.

Key Words

Busseola fusca maize stalk-borer ecology control 


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  • S. S. Mlambo
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  1. 1.Department of Research and Specialist ServicesPlant Protection Research InstituteCausewa, HarareZimbabwe

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