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Repeat hepatic cryotherapy for metastatic colorectal cancer


This study evaluated the risks and benefits of repeat hepatic cryotherapy for recurrent, unresectable hepatic metastases from colorectal carcinoma. Review of a prospective database identified 195 patients who underwent hepatic cryotherapy for metastatic colorectal carcinoma during a 7-year period. Of the 14 patients who underwent successful repeat cryotherapy for recurrences confined to the liver, 86% had Duke’s stage D colorectal carcinoma at initial diagnosis. The median age of the 14 patients was 58 years (range 41 to 77 years). The median number of hepatic metastases was three at the first cryotherapy and two at the second cryotherapy. At a median follow-up of 71 months, the mean survival times from original diagnosis, first cryotherapy, and second cryotherapy were 53,42, and 19 months, respectively. At the most recent follow-up, eight patients (57%) have died of their disease, four (29%) are alive with disease, and two (14%) have no evidence of disease. The mean interval between the first and second cryotherapies was 23 months. The complication rates after the first and second cryotherapies were 7% and 14%, respectively. One patient developed a wound dehiscence after the first cryotherapy. Following the second cryotherapy, one patient had a small bowel obstruction and another had a pleural effusion. There was no perioperative mortality. Repeat cryotherapy for recurrent, unresectable hepadc metastases from colorectal cancer is safe and improves survival. However, a prospective trial is needed to validate the efficacy of systemic therapy and to better define the indications for repeat hepatic cryotherapy.

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