HD desktop: An integrated platform for the analysis and visualization of H/D exchange data

  • Bruce D. Pascal
  • Michael J. Chalmers
  • Scott A. Busby
  • Patrick R. Griffin


Here we describe an integrated software platform titled HD Desktop designed specifically to enhance the analysis of hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX) mass spectrometry data. HD Desktop integrates tools for data extraction with visualization components within a single web-based application. The interface design enables users to navigate from the peptide view to the sample and experiment levels, tracking all manipulations while updating the aggregate graphs in real time. HD Desktop is integrated with a relational database designed to provide performance enhancements, as well as a robust model for data storage and retrieval. Additional features of the software include retention time determination, which is achieved with the use of theoretical isotope fitting; here, we assume that the best theoretical fit will occur at the correct retention time for any given peptide. Peptide data consolidation for the rendering of data in 2D was realized by automating known and novel approaches. Designed to address broad needs of the HDX community, the platform presented here provides an efficient and manageable workflow for HDX data analysis and is freely available as a web tool at the project home page http://hdx.florida.scripps.edu.

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  • Michael J. Chalmers
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  • Scott A. Busby
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  • Patrick R. Griffin
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