Imaging of a β-peptide distribution in whole-body mice sections by MALDI mass spectrometry

  • Markus StoeckliEmail author
  • Dieter Staab
  • Alain Schweitzer
  • James Gardiner
  • Dieter Seebach
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Mass spectrometric imaging was applied to assess compound distributions on whole-body sections of mice after i.v. dosing of a β-peptide and an α-peptide control. Animals were sacrificed at different time points (5 min, 1 h, 24 h) post-dose, providing simultaneous spatial as well as kinetic information. As a result of this study, no detection of the α-peptide control was observed at 1 h post-dose, while retention of the β-peptide was observed for longer than 24 h post-dose.


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  • Dieter Staab
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  • Alain Schweitzer
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  • James Gardiner
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  • Dieter Seebach
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  2. 2.Exploratory Development, Drug Metabolism, and PharmacokineticsNovartisSwitzerland
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