Differentiation and quantitation of isomeric dipeptides by low-energy dissociation of copper(II)-bound complexes

Focus: Metal-Ion Interactions


Application of the kinetic method based on the dissociation of transition metal centered cluster ions is extended from chiral analysis (Tao, W. A.; Zhang, D.; Nikolaev, E. N.; Cooks, R. G. J. Am. Chem. Soc.2000, 122, 10598) to quantitative analysis of isomeric mixtures, including those with Leu/Ile substitutions. Copper(II)-bound complexes of pairs of peptide isomers are generated by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and the trimeric complex [CuII(ref)2(A) − H]+ (analyte A, a mixture of isomeric peptides; reference compound ref, usually a peptide) is caused to undergo collisional dissociation. Competitive loss of the neutral reference compound or the neutral analyte yields two ionic products and the ratio of rates of the two competitive dissociations, viz. the product ion branching ratio R is shown to depend strongly on the regiochemistry of the analyte in the precursor [CuII(A)(ref)2 − H]+ complex ion. Calibration curves are constructed by relating the branching ratio measured by the kinetic method, to the isomeric composition of the mixture to allow rapid quantitative isomer analysis.


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