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Table 1 Five step approach to transitioning to a virtual space

From: Maintaining a global health partnership during the COVID-19 pandemic: a road map from the Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration in Emergency Medicine

1. Risk identification/needs assessment Risks:
Access to reliable internet connection
Staff and residents not able to attend due to clinical duties
Unilateral content development
Privacy concerns with recording
Teacher and learner fatigue
Continuing professional development (CPD)
Postgraduate medical education (PGME)
Staff wellness
2. Discussing mitigation strategies Various online platforms considered. Zoom identified by AAU colleagues as most accessible
Regular communication between AAU and UT staff for ongoing revisions
Sessions recorded with participant notification, posted to YouTube but not searchable publicly
Instructors recruited from AAU, UT and other GHPs
3. Crafting an approach and piloting Two CPD pilot sessions developed and delivered on COVID-19
4. Revising based on pilot results Evaluations and informal feedback from AAU EM leads
Iterative improvements: Moderators added to facilitate discussion; written notice of recording added; invitations extended to EM staff across Ethiopia; roster created of AAU EM staff speakers and speakers from other GHPs
5. Implementation, continuous evaluation and revision Initial 2-month series of CPD, postgraduate and wellness sessions organized
Timing and topics decided collaboratively between AAU and UT staff and AAU residents
Evaluations used to guide ongoing improvement
Regular teaching breaks to reduce teacher and learner fatigue
  1. AAU Addis Ababa University, CPD continuing professional development, EM emergency medicine, GHP global health partnership, PGME postgraduate medical education, UT University of Toronto