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An Exploratory Study of a Training Team-Coordinated Approach to Implementation


It is now widely understood that successful implementation of evidence-based treatments is facilitated by several favorable conditions (e.g., community buy-in, invested agency leadership). However, strategies for supporting agencies in promoting these conditions have been examined to a lesser extent. In this exploratory study, the implementation support procedures of Parenting with Love and Limits (PLL), an evidence-informed family treatment for child/adolescent behavior problems in which the training team follows structured procedures to help coordinate implementation support activities, are illustrated, and their preliminary effectiveness examined. PLL documents and communication records between PLL and n = 23 sites across the U.S. that initiated PLL pre-implementation activities were reviewed. In addition, implementation activities completed for each agency were entered into the Stages of Implementation Completion (SIC) dashboard. The prescriptive nature of the PLL implementation support protocol was illustrated through descriptions of procedural documents and case examples. Quantitative analyses revealed that, among the 23 sites that began pre-implementation, 9 discontinued, with a trend toward sites in metropolitan areas being more likely to discontinue than those in less populous areas. In addition, the 14 sites that launched PLL demonstrated a high amount of consistency in activities, with sites in the sustainability phase completing an average of 86% of implementation behaviors. Training team coordination of implementation activities may be one promising approach for supporting agencies in completing tasks to facilitate successful uptake of evidence-supported interventions. In turn, sustained implementation of evidence-supported treatments could allow communities to benefit from practice innovations to a greater extent.

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We would like to express our gratitude to all the agency leaders, supervisors, and staff who worked so diligently to carry out the work described in this paper.


This work was supported, in part, by a grant to the second author, 1 R01 DA044745-01.

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CRediT Author Statement: Conceptualization (EMSH, LS), Methodology (EMSH, LS), Investigation (EMSH), Writing-Original Draft (EMSH, LS, JB, EK, ANV, KC), Writing-Review & Editing (EMSH, LS, EK), Formal Analysis (HS).

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Correspondence to Emma M. Sterrett-Hong.

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The third author is the President and CEO of the treatment model described. None of the other authors have conflict of interest.

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