Optimal control strategy for excitation parameters of SRGs


To solve the inherent contradiction between convergence speed and optimization accuracy in the traditional optimal control strategy for the excitation parameters of SRGs, a novel optimal control strategy for the excitation parameters is proposed. In this strategy, the turn-off angle is fixed at its optimal value and kept constant, and the turn-on angle is optimized through two steps. In the first step, the optimal searching region of the turn-on angle is calculated by a fitting formula. Then in the second step, the golden section algorithm is used to optimize the turn-on angle. Meanwhile, the phase current amplitude is used as the degree of freedom necessary to regulate the generation power. Experimental results indicate that the novel optimal control strategy for excitation parameters can effectively improve convergence speed and efficiency of SRGs.

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  • Switched reluctance generator (SRG)
  • Optimal control strategy
  • Golden section algorithm
  • Excitation parameters