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Novel switched-coupled-inductor quasi-Z-source network with enhanced boost capability

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In this paper, a novel impedance network referred to as a high-gain switched-coupled-inductor quasi-Z-source network (hgSCL-qZSN) is presented. The proposed topology employs a two-winding switched-coupled-inductor and a switched-capacitor in the impedance network, which offers a higher voltage boost capability when compared to most of the existing ZS-based topologies. In addition, the proposed SCL-qZSN has a low peak magnetizing current, which leads to a smaller core volume. This, in turn, reduces costs as well as core/winding losses. Moreover, to produce higher voltage gains, the presented hgSCL-qZSN requires lower winding turn ratios and shoot-through (ST) ratios, which leads to lower voltage stresses on the passive and active components. A detailed theoretical analysis of the proposed topology is presented in this paper, followed by a number of experimental results.

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