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Effects of ZnO and cordierite contents on the wetting properties of a Bi2O3–ZnO–B2O3 glass composite as a low-melting sealing glass

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Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The wetting properties of Bi2O3–ZnO–B2O3 glass composite materials with different ZnO and cordierite contents were investigated upon melting them and thermally treating them at 1300 °C and 430 °C, respectively. The density of a 48%Bi2O3–24%ZnO–22% B2O3 glass composite was 7.30 g/cm3, which is 99.3% of its theoretical density; its glass softening temperature was 413.2 °C. The addition of cordierite improved the adhesion of the glass by acting as a filler, thus lowering its coefficient of thermal expansion. Specifically, by adding 0–15% cordierite, the coefficient of thermal expansion of the Bi2O3–ZnO–B2O3 glass was reduced from 10.6 × 10–6 to 7.5 × 10–6 /K. X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy studies confirmed that the glass was not crystallized, but rather a composite. This study demonstrates that the Bi2O3–ZnO–B2O3 glass composite developed herein is an environment-friendly lead-free material that can be sintered at 430 °C without losing its tempered glass function; therefore, this material shows promise for applications in architecture, electronic devices, and home appliances.

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This work was supported by the GRRC program of the Gyeonggi Province [Grant Number GRRC-KPU2021-A01, Multi-material Machining Innovative Technology Research Center] and The Catholic University of Korea, Research Fund, 2020.

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BHB conceptualization, methodology, and software. KHH data curation and writing-original draft preparation. JNS visualization and investigation. MJO methodology. SHR data analysis. H-DJ software, supervision, and writing-reviewing and editing. C-BY supervision and writing-reviewing and editing.

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Correspondence to Hyun-Do Jung or Chang-Bun Yoon.

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