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Aspects of development and properties of densely sintered of ultra-high-frequency radio-transparent ceramics of cordierite composition


The paper presents the results of research of cordierite ceramics; within its composition, a part of components is introduced using relatively low-melting MABS glass. After firing at a temperature of 1375 °C, densely sintered materials with low values of LCTE (17.7–18.5) × 10–7 deg–1 were obtained, which predetermine their high thermal stability (not lower than 900 °C). The only crystalline phase of experimental ceramics is α-cordierite, which forms its structural matrix. Crystals of α-cordierite of 1–2 μm in size are tightly interconnected via thin layers of the residual glass phase. Cordierite ceramics is characterized by zero values of water absorption and open porosity, as well as high values of mechanical compressive strength. In addition, the dense microstructure allows achieving consistently high dielectric values (ε = 4.9; tan δ = 0.0014) in an ultra-high-frequency electromagnetic field (1010 Hz). The synthesized ceramics can be successively used as radio-transparent materials, including structural ones.

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This study was funded by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Grant no. 0120U101969).

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  • Radio-transparent ceramics
  • Cordierite
  • Sintering
  • Crystallization
  • Microstructure