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Monolithic all-perovskite tandem solar cells: recent progress and challenges


All-perovskite tandem solar cells (TSCs) show great potential for achieving efficiencies beyond the Shockley–Queisser limit owing to their excellent photovoltaic properties and cost effectiveness. In this review, the current status of all-perovskite TSCs as well as recent research progress are introduced with a focus on three main strategies: optimization of the interconnecting layer (ICL), suppression of tin oxidation in low-bandgap perovskites, and prevention of halide segregation in wide-bandgap perovskites. The development of triple-junction all-perovskite devices and remaining issues facing all-perovskite TSCs are also discussed.

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Fig. 1

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Fig. 2
Fig. 3

Copyright 2015, Royal Society of Chemistry. b Schematic diagram of all-perovskite TSCs with the vacuum deposited ICL. Reprinted with permission from [27]. Copyright 2018, Royal Society of Chemistry. c Cross-view scanning electron microscope images and the structure of all-perovskite TSCs with ultrathin metal as the ICL. Reprinted with permission from [33]. Copyright 2018, Wiley–VCH

Fig. 4

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Fig. 5

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Fig. 6

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Fig. 7

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Fig. 8

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Fig. 9

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Fig. 10

source with an intensity of 200 mW cm−2 at 85 °C. Reprinted with permission from [64]. Copyright 2017, Wiley–VCH. b Device architecture based on wide-bandgap Cs0.17FA0.83Pb(I0.6Br0.4)3 perovskite with 2D-RP interlayer processed by depositing BABr solution on top of the perovskite. c J–V curve of champion devices with and without BABr passivation layer measured from reverse (open symbols) and forward (closed symbols) scans under AM 1.5G (1000 W m−2) irradiation. Reprinted with permission from [65]. Copyright 2019, Wiley–VCH

Fig. 11

Copyright 2020, American Chemical Society

Fig. 12

Reprinted with permission from [75]. Copyright 2020, American Chemical Society


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This work was supported by Korea Electric Power Corporation (R18XA06-42) and the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) funded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) of the Republic of Korea (No. 20193091010310).

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