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Branch-and-Price for a Multi-attribute Technician Routing and Scheduling Problem

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In this paper, we present an exact branch-and-price algorithm for a multi-attribute technician routing and scheduling problem. This problem integrates a number of distinctive features from a real-world application, like management of an inventory of different parts and multiple time windows for service. Based on the fact that not all tasks need to be performed, a new ternary branching scheme is introduced within the branch-and-price algorithm. Computational results show that our algorithm can solve instances with up to 45 tasks and greatly improves upon a commercial solver applied to an arc-based mixed integer linear program.

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This study was funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada under grants RGPIN-2015-04696 (Michel Gendreau) and RGPIN-2016-03896 (Jean-Yves Potvin). This support is gratefully acknowledged.

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