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Adenomyosis: Impact on Fertility and Obstetric Outcomes

  • Adenomyosis: Perspective, opinions and commentaries
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In this commentary, we discuss the associations between adenomyosis, fertility, and obstetric outcomes. A recent meta-analysis on the impact of adenomyosis on reproductive outcomes found a 43% reduction in the odds ratio (OR) for clinical pregnancy and a threefold increase in the risk of miscarriage in women with adenomyosis compared with controls. Moreover, adenomyosis seems to be strongly associated with pre-eclampsia with an OR of almost 8. Also, the risk for small for gestational age was almost fourfold increased, whereas for preterm deliveries was threefold increased. The presence of deep infiltrating endometriosis and adenomyosis seems associated with particularly adverse obstetric outcomes, especially concerning natural conception. Some observations suggest that the probability of clinical pregnancy is considerably low in these cases, around 11.8%. Although several methodological drawbacks prevent definitive conclusions, all these elements should be considered in counseling women with adenomyosis seeking pregnancy, especially in cases of IVF.

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