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Table 4 Ranking of models explaining the probability of wolf scent marking by with scats, urination and scratching in the Lower Silesia Forest, SW Poland

From: Opportunity and peril: how wolves use a dense network of forest roads

Model structureAICcΔAICcωAICc
 Habitat + Dist. to crossroad578.32.020.23
 Habitat + Dist. to crossroad + Habitat × Dist. to crossroad579.12.870.15
 Habitat + Dist. to crossroad + Habitat × Dist. to crossroad1845.20.001.00
 Habitat + Dist. to crossroad1907.862.590.00
 Habitat + Dist. to crossroad + Habitat × Dist. to crossroad623.70.000.99
 Habitat + Dist. to crossroad636.112.390.01
  1. The variables included in models were: habitat (off-road as a reference, low-traffic road, medium-traffic road), distance to crossroad and their interaction