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A Novel and Optimized Collaborative Diversity-Driven Routing Mechanism in MANETs


Wireless networks such as MANETs present unique challenges due to their dynamic and decentralized nature. Efficient routing protocols are essential for achieving reliable and robust communication in such networks. In this research, we propose a novel routing mechanism called collaborative diversity-driven routing (CollabNet) that integrates collaborative diversity to enhance the routing process in ad hoc networks. CollabNet utilizes a collaborative approach to address the challenges posed by dynamic network environments. CollabNet incorporates collaborative power control, adaptive power allocation, and energy-efficient routing to automatically adjust the dynamic power of nodes. By promoting collaborative behavior and optimizing power levels. It fosters collaborative behavior among nodes by establishing cooperation groups and leveraging multiple relay nodes. Through collaborative multipath diversity CollabNet facilitates the transmission of packets toward the destination via multiple paths within the transmission range. This approach increases the probability of successful packet delivery by establishing redundant connections. By promoting collaboration among nodes, CollabNet improves the reliability and connectivity of wireless ad hoc networks. The mechanism leverages the strength of collaborative diversity to enhance the overall performance of routing protocols. Extensive simulations demonstrate that CollabNet outperforms traditional routing protocols in terms of network connectivity, reliability, and efficiency. The proposed mechanism offers a promising solution for efficient routing in MANETs contributing to the advancement of wireless communication in dynamic ad hoc network environments.

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Authors acknowledge the support from Vemana Institute of Technology and REVA University for the facilities provided to carry out the research.


No funding received for this research.

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NM was identified Initial problem identification, algorithm write-up, analysis, drafting of the manuscript, and simulation and responsible for the figures, final formatting and applied for the journal. MR was responsible for the Literature survey and helped in the initial review process and responsible for the Complexity analysis of the research, evaluation of the research work. All authors worked together to implement and evaluate the integrated system, and approved the final version of the paper.

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Correspondence to Neelam Malyadri.

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