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Editors-in-Chief: Yang Hu

(Beijing Sport University, China)

Hello, everyone!

The first issue of the Journal of Science in Sport and Exercise (SSEJ) is published after a full deliberation and careful preparation. The members of the Editorial Board are excited about the journal’s founding, as the journal provides another new academic exchange platform for the scholars engaging in exercise science research. As the Editor–in-Chief, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to the friends who care about and support the development of SSEJ on behalf of the Beijing Sport University, the Editorial Board of SSEJ as well as all the members of the Editorial Office, and thank you for your hard work for the founding of SSEJ.

SSEJ is an international peer reviewed academic journal in sport and exercise science sponsored by the Beijing Sport University, and it mainly publishes the new achievements, new theories, and new technologies in the research field of exercise science. We hope that SSEJ can promote the academic exchange in the field of exercise science, accelerate the publication and application of research achievements, and improve the research level of exercise science.

We are well aware that there will be bumps along the way, but we will still keep pursuing our goals and march forward courageously. We hope that all of you can continuously care about and support the development of SSEJ and share the achievements of exercise science development.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Steven J. Fleck

(Andrews Research & Education Foundation, USA)

It is my privilege to welcome you to the inaugural issue of the Journal of Science in Sport and Exercise (SSEJ). The only national sport university in China the Sport University of Beijing sponsors SSEJ. The goal of the journal is to be an international peer-reviewed journal publishing high quality scientific articles related to all aspects of sport and physical activity. SSEJ will include original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, research consensus/commentaries and timely debate in a broadly defined field of physical activity, exercise and sport science including but not limited to athlete testing, exercise performance, health related aspects of exercise, biomechanics, physiology, psychology, dietary aspects of performance, sports medicine and public health. The journal will be an international communication platform for researchers to share their scholarly achievements effectively in a timely manner.

The articles in this first issue of SSEJ reflect the goal of the journal to publish quality scholarly research articles related to all aspects of sport and physical activity. Published works in this first issue include articles related to energy balance effects on body composition, sarcopenia, strategies to prevent atrophy after injury, effects of activity on cardiovascular risk, effect of stretching on physical performance, effects of exercise on bone metabolism, non-exercise equations to predict cardiorespiratory performance, whole body vibration effects on gene polymorphism, resistance exercise effects on infarcted myocardium, effect of activity on memory, and exercise effects in aging. The goal of SSEJ to be a communication platform for international researchers is reflected in the author lists of the aforementioned article topics which includes internationally known researchers from Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Starting a new journal is a challenge and requires the efforts of many individuals. The list of individuals who should be thanked for their efforts in starting SSEJ is too long to include all of them here. However, I thank Beijing Sport University for inviting me to be the Foreign Editor-in-Chief and for the opportunity to assist with launching SSEJ. Additionally, the Editorial Board members also deserve a special thanks for their efforts.

I encourage exercise and sports science researchers and scholars from around the world to submit manuscripts for consideration of publication in SSEJ at the journal’s website: The Journal of Science in Sport and Exercise will be a place where your research and scholarly activities receive an international audience.

Steven J. Fleck, PhD, FACSM, FNSCA, CSCS

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