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Influence of Primary Regulation on Frequency Control of an Isolated Microgrid Equipped with Crow Search Algorithm Tuned Classical Controllers

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Along with the power demand variations, change in wind speed and irradiance leads to large frequency oscillations especially in case of isolated microgrid integrated with PV and wind power generating units. To minimize such frequency changes, proportional plus integral (PI) and proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) controllers are set up for controllable generating units of isolated microgrid. However, this paper introduced primary regulation concept for diesel generator (DG) along with PI/PID controller mechanism which enhances overall system stability and minimize the frequency oscillations during the initial stages of load/power changes. Also, the choice of PI and PID controllers is introduced in this paper when the DG’s in microgrid equipped with primary regulation loop along secondary control and only secondary control without primary loop as extension of frequency control. The investigations are carried out in regular load change and generation change patterns along with irregular stochastic models. Crow search optimization algorithm (CSOA) provide fine controller parameters in both cases and results carried out in MATLAB-SIMULINK environment

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