Autonomic semantic agent-based platform for dynamic diseases detection with optimal services selection and deployment


Nowadays, mobile applications have been widely used in various health and social domains. These applications must be flexible enough to support context changes with auto-adaptation. In spite of the diversity and heterogeneity of users’ profiles and smart objects, most existing smart-health domains works adopted rigid strategies. To address this problem, this paper comes up with a new autonomic and agent-based semantic context-aware platform for smart health monitoring and disease detection. The classification of diseases reveals new insight on using efficiently interactive services in order to help in maintaining elderly individuals at home and accomplishing their preferences. It discovers semantic health services according to users’ preferences with consistent mobility of users and limited resources (low battery, processing capabilities, memory, and others). In order to validate our proposal, we have used Semantic Web, Cloud and Kalimucho middleware by specifying some profiles and experiment their usage on several platforms.

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