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Refractory Materials, Furnaces and Thermal Insulations

  • Štefan Palčo
  • Frantisek Tomšů
Events X. International Conference in Slovakia

The 10th International Conference on “Refractory Materials, Furnaces and Thermal Insulation” held by the Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling of the Technical University of Košice took place on April 17–19, 2018, at Hotel Grand in Jasná (Low Tatras), Slovakia. The technical program of the conference was attended by approximately 200 professionals from 11 countries. The content of presentations is briefly discussed below1.

The Development of Refractory Products in Several Contributions

J. Vlček; Czech Republic, dealt with the development of non-cement bonding systems. He described the preparation and the properties of a sol-gel binder from high-purity raw materials (SiO2 and Al2O3). The efficiency of binder was verified by the addition to a bauxite-based refractory castable, the properties of which were compared to the refractory castable with a calcium-aluminate cement binder. After the thermal treatment of castables with the sol-gel bond the formation of final phases was...


  1. The proceedings (156 pages) with all lectures were published partly in English and part in Slovak or Czech. The proceedings are available from the organizer: tomas@konferencie.netGoogle Scholar

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