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A new record of gastroid fungus Broomeia congregata Berk. from Great Indian Thar Desert, India

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Indian Phytopathology Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Indian Thar desert mostly covering North–Western parts of Rajasthan is known for high temperature, high wind velocity, low rainfall and minimum relative humidity. The harsh climatic conditions of the region had wide fungal diversity along with several unreported species. Present study was aimed to explore the diversity of gastroid fungi from the Indian Thar desert. During survey a gastroid fungus was found growing in the rainy season under Prosopis juliflora tree. The fungal fruiting bodies were collected and identified based on microscopic examination, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and ITS-5.8S rRNA gene sequences as gasteroid fungus Broomeia congregata Berk., belonging to family Broomeiaceae (Basidiomycota). The ITS-5.8S rRNA gene sequences of the fungus were compared with that of available sequences using BLAST programme and submitted to NCBI, USA. The nucleotide sequence was assigned GenBank accession number MK208821 which is now available in public domain. The morphological characterization and molecular identification validated B. congregata Berk. as a new record from great Indian Thar desert.

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The authors thank to Prof. S. P. Wasser, International Centre for Biotechnology and Biodiversity of Fungi, Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel for fungal identification. Special acknowledgement to SAP, AIIMS New Delhi for providing SEM facility.

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Gehlot, P., Solanki, D.S., Kumar, S. et al. A new record of gastroid fungus Broomeia congregata Berk. from Great Indian Thar Desert, India. Indian Phytopathology 73, 111–115 (2020).

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