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The Working Pressure-Dependent Physical Characteristics of InGaN/GaN/Sapphire Thin Film


The working pressure dependency on the vital physical parameters of InGaN thin films obtained with the RFM (Radio Frequency Magnetron) sputter method was investigated in detail here. The electrical conductivity values of our films were bigger than the optical conductivity values, and it was clearly seen that the electrical conductivity parameter was affected by the pressure change. The highest and lowest optical conductivity was obtained at 9 and 8 mTorr pressure respectively. The optical band gap energies of our films have varied non-linearly and this variation in the optical band gap energies have been mainly originated from different Indium compositions in the films. XPS results have proved the film has GaN, InN, In2O3, InNxOy bindings. Structural parameters of the material were found to very close to the theoretical values and are compatible with the theory. In essence, the variation of the significant/useful physical parameters of the thin film with the different applied pressures was deeply studied and discussed.

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We would like to thank Mus Alparslan University Research Support Department (MUSBAP) for their support. Project No: BAP-20-VMYO-4901-01.

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