Synthesis of Tin-Doped FeVSb Half-Heusler System by Mechanical Alloying and Evaluation of Thermoelectric Performance

  • Rahidul Hasan
  • Soon-Chul Ur
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In the current work, we tried to investigate and compare the thermoelectric performance of the FeVSb1−xSnx (x = 0.0–0.05) half-Heusler system. The elemental mixture was formulated and subjected to mechanical alloying, and subsequently consolidated using vacuum hot pressing. X-ray diffractometry analysis was used to observe phase transition during the process, and scanning electron microscopy was utilized for microstructure analysis. After vacuum hot pressing, a near single phase of FeVSb1−xSnx (x = 0.0–0.05) was observed with small portions of second phases. The vacuum hot-pressed samples were analyzed to study the thermoelectric properties as a function of temperature up to 980 K. The n-type conduction was confirmed from Seebeck and Hall coefficients in the test range. In addition, the electrical conductivity showed combined conduction behavior in the test range, while the thermal conductivities showed abnormal behavior. Mass fluctuation scattering and changing in carrier concentration might have taken place during doping. The Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity of the system also decreased after doping. Dimensionless figure of merit values were calculated and compared with the results of analogue studies. The maximum ZT value was obtained for x = 0.01 at 553 K.


Half Heusler Thermoelectric FeVSb matrix Mechanical alloying 



This research was supported by the Regional Innovation Center (RIC) Program, which was conducted by the ministry of SMEs and Startups of the Korean Government.


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  1. 1.Department of Materials Science and Engineering/Research Center for Sustainable Eco-Devices and Materials (ReSEM)Korea National University of TransportationChungjuKorea

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