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Synthesis and Study of Bisakylxanthogenates as Additives to Lubricating Oils

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Chemistry Africa Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Bisalkylxanthates containing ether and ester groups in the molecule were synthesized by the interaction of 2-acyloxy-1,3-dichloropropane and 2-butoxymethoxy-1,3-dibromopropane with alkali metal xanthates. The synthesized compounds were investigated as antiwear and extreme pressure additives in the gear oil MC-20. The results of the studies have shown that these compounds have effective antiwear and extreme pressure properties. The relationship between the efficiency of the obtained compounds and their composition and structure has been revealed. It has been established that introducing an ester (-OC(O)C2H5) and an ether group (-OCH2OC4H9) into S-alkyl radicals contained in bisalkylxanthates improves the tribological efficiency of these compounds. The structure of bisalkylxanthates has been confirmed by IR and PMR spectroscopy data.

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