Effect of trace Si on MgO·Al2O3 inclusion in ultra-low-carbon steel


There are four types of Mg–Al–Si–O inclusions observed in the Mg-treated Al-deoxidized ultra-low-carbon steel containing trace Si, including SiO2, 2MgO·SiO2, 3Al2O3·2SiO2, and 2MgO·2Al2O3·5SiO2 and their composite inclusions. Using FactSage, the phase relationship of Mg–Al–Si–O system at 1473–2073 K was calculated using FactSage software, and the change in Si content can change the stable region range of different Mg–Al–Si–O-based inclusions. Based on the types of inclusions observed experimentally, the formation pathways of inclusions were predicted and a kinetic model was established to describe the formation process of the xMgO·yAl2O3–Mg–Al–Si–O and xAl2O3·ySiO2–Mg–Al–Si–O inclusions.

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The authors are grateful to the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51874170) and the Union Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Marine Equipment and Applications-University of Science and Technology Liaoning (SKLMEA-USTL-201706) for supporting this work.

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  • Magnesium treatment
  • Al deoxidation
  • Mg–Al–Si–O-based inclusion
  • Trace Si
  • Ultra-low-carbon steel