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Review of Anway Mukhopadhyay, The Authority of Female Speech in Indian Goddess Traditions: Devi and Womansplaining

Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020. ISBN 978-3-030-52454-8, ISBN 978-3-030-52455-5 (eBook). DOI:

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  1. For a more detailed study of this debate between Ubhaya Bharati and Shankaracharya, see Mukhopadhyay’s “Diotima and Ubhaya Bharati: A Postcolonial Colloquy on Eros, Wisdom and Responsibility” (2019) in Sambalpur Studies in Literatures and Cultures, 87-97.

  2. The link to the podcast:

  3. Mukhopadhyay’s Ph.D was on “Diotima’s Daughters: The Spectre of Diotima in the Late Twentieth Century Feminist Thought” from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. It is available in Shodhganga  Accessed 31 January 2022

  4. See, Mukhopadhyay. “Diotima is not Beatrice: Some Reflections on Gender, Pedagogy and “Equiphony”” (2014). Research Journal of English Language and Literature, Vol. 2. Issue 3, 119-125

  5. This is the title of Griselda Pollock’s book Looking Back to the Future: Essays on Art, Life and Death. Routledge, 2001


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