Automotive Innovation

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We would like to present a new and high quality journal with great pleasure, Automotive Innovation, which provides a source of innovative and scientific achievements for automotive engineers and scientists. As a top international journal, contributions are welcome on methodologies, theoretical studies and cutting-edge technologies of ground vehicles. As an international medium of communication, it fosters the exchange of ideas among researchers in different parts of the world and also among scientists who emphasize various aspects of the vehicle field.

In the wake of developments in science and technology, millions of people will depend on smart cars, automated and connected vehicles in the immediate future. The increasingly stringent emission legislations, growing concern in fuel consumption and environment sustainability push dedications of a wealth of engineering studies and efforts. What if you had access to a journal that describes advanced technologies, newest findings and innovative ideas in automotive engineering to resolve the aforementioned issues and bridge China with the world? We want the top international journal—Automotive Innovation, initiated by SAE-China.

It is our goals that the journal will explore the wonders hidden within automotive engineering openly, stimulate further research into the area of mobility quickly and contribute our new life broadly. More specifically, it is also our hope that technological developments to vehicle industry and significant changes to the world can be performed concurrently.

At this point we would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to all authors for their ready cooperation, and to editorial board members as well as the reviewers for their valuable assistance. Special thanks are due to the leadership from SAE-China and the great support from Springer GmbH staff. We witness history, and we create future!

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