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Quasi-static cyclic testing of RC frames retrofitted using steel plate shear walls and diagonal tensile mesh


Numerous approaches can be followed for the retrofitting of reinforced concrete (RC) moment-resisting frames, among which concrete shear walls or steel plate shear walls, steel jacketing, different types of braces, etc., can be named. Reevaluation of a retrofitted structure can be done only if the properties of the newly implemented hybrid load-resistance system are known. This work presents a framework for assessing RC moment-resisting frames strengthened with a diagonal tensile mesh and steel plate shear walls while the system is under the influence of cyclic lateral load. Five RC models with a scale of 1:3 and identical properties have been manufactured to carry out the study. Using the same amount of steel, four of these featured a diagonal tensile members or a steel plate shear walls, with and without vertical stiffeners. To draw a comparison of the performances of the models, effective stiffness, strength reduction factor, ductility, ultimate strength, and energy absorption of the models have been obtained. The obtained results indicate that whereas both retrofitting schemes enhance the structure’s performance, the diagonal tensile members outperform the steel plate shear wall.

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The authors would like to gratefully thank the structural research lab of the Islamic Azad University of Kermanshah branch.

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  • Retrofitting
  • RC moment-resisting frame
  • Steel plate shear walls
  • Diagonal tensile mesh
  • Cyclic loading