Aetheric Energy: the Intangible Source of Human Celebrity?


All human beings have what I call an ‘aura pure’ within and around their living bodies, which I am visually aware of and express through my artistic practice: painting. Objectivistic science, which relies solely on externally situated perception, neither recognises as real, nor offers any explanation for this phenomenon which it regards as the product of purely subjective experience and hence to be neither demonstrably extant or quantifiable. On the other hand, natural inclusional science, which does not dissociate subjective from objective experience, recognises the vitality of a receptive-responsive relationship between intangible space and energetic flux in the formation of all living bodies. This raises the possibility that not only is the aura pure real, but that it can be understood as a vital, intangible expression of aetheric energy that contributes to the comprehensive life experience, personalities and consciousness of individual human beings. Celebrities have especially intense auras, which suggests that aetheric energy can become concentrated whenever and wherever certain qualities place a person at the focus of numerous others’ attention. Its psychological effects are very powerful and can be overwhelming, both for celebrity figures themselves and for those within their influence. This article explores the intangible source of human celebrity status and its individual and social repercussions, with especial reference to Western cultures.

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  • Aetheric energy
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